October 31, 2012

Hello everyone! :)

The previous 2 weeks have been full of school tasks for me, so i write here only now.

The first stage of the development is complete. Nothing to be shown yet, as the tool will not have a user-friendly interface until the latter stages, but i managed to successfully decode general file structure and implement its handling. So, cloning-deleting of everything and raw bank-of-names editing are already possible. Unfortunately it turned out, this year we have a fixed file size again, which limits us to the maximum amount of records (players, teams, etc.) in our database (roster file), but there is still some room for you, mighty mod makers, to add several extra classic, D-League or whatever you want teams, jerseys, etc.
An innovative internal-decoding technique was invented as well, while getting home from college by bus last week. :) My comrade is currently developing some helpful sub-tools under my directions, which will allow to apply the brand new tech. It promises to enormously speed up the development train; so despite this year's files being bit-aligned and all that other sand in the wheels, i hope to decode the same amount of internal fields as was available last year in just 3 weeks. Well... at least, if i'm relatively free from college tasks.
But until then the sub-tools must be completed, and i'm also finishing with MLB 2K12 XBox 360 files this week.

So, i'm looking forward to finishing all the major internal parts of the NBA 2K13 editor by December and starting the work on the improved GUI at the beginning of next month.
Several extra features are planned as well. But they will take place in the initial release only if i have enough time.

Some news on the internal-decodings are coming throughout November. ;)

Take care,

October 18, 2012

Hey, sports fans!

This is Vl@d Zola Jr., and i'd like to welcome you in my new blog!
It will be devoted to the development of a new tool, an advanced editor for the brand new NBA 2K13 game. :)
I'm not covering all the aspects of the new tool immediately, so new info about the editor functions will be appearing over time alongside with the development process.
The first thing, i'd like to tell you about the new tool is that it will be a total rebuild, not an update to REDitor II. The decision to rebuild it from scratch was influenced by several reasons, new roster-files format probably being the most major of them.

This blog will be updated weekly, or maybe more frequently, in case there is some major info to post. So, if you're interested, you're welcome to subscribe. :)
The key milestones will be posted at NLSC and OS forums as well.

Just wanna tell you, i'm finally starting to work on NBA 2K13 this week. :)
First news about the development itself are coming next weekend.

Enjoy the game! =)
*Getting back to my mad-scientist dungeon now to begin the work =))
Meanwhile, you can listen about different types of dunjeons in the video below =) *