February 13, 2013

Hello, everybody!

It's nearly 1am here, so i will be short, as tomorrow i need to attend my college classes. :)

First of all, guys, thank you for your support and your patience!

This year's new file format and some new ideas about the roster-editing process made me start making a completely new tool from scratch. Many great REDitor II architectual ideas are used, some new ones are added, but the sources are nearly all new. This is one of the reasons for the slower-than-previous-years development process. The other one is some my IRL problems, which shouldn't worry you much, i suppose. They are mostly connected with the fact, i'm on my senior year to get the Bachelor's degree in IT.

I get lots of messages about the potential release date. We have some approximate Beta version plans, but currently i don't want to tell any public release date. Last months showed that extreme busy-ness can get out of nothing, breaking many plans. I don't like to make empty promises, so let's wait until the tool is in its Beta stage before seting any exact dates.
If you read this Blog, then you can be sure, you'll be the first to know the date once it is set. So, do not worry. ;)

There is some good news as well, of course. :)
Here is the very first screen of the new Editor. It's an early Pre-Alpha, so the final version will certainly look more neat and will be much more functional. :) I'm working on this nearly every day. :) Hope, your editing experience expectations will be satisfied. :)

Best wishes,