April 17, 2013


It's time to set everything in stone. :)
1) The release is set to Friday.
2) Prices and Discounts are published. You can find them in the Purchasing Instruction: click (please, ignore the missing videos - they will be added tomorrow or on Firday). Guru for a single platform (PC or XBox 360) + all the interfaces is $36, which is slightly more than last year. And additional $17.5 to get Guru for the second platform. Minus 20% off the first Guru and MyFriend, if you purchased Guru last year.

Be ready for the upcoming release! ;)

Best wishes,

April 14, 2013

Hello, basketball fans!

A short message about the current development status.
Release is day-to-day now. Need slightly more hours to finish everything, but i have to spend my time on studies for the next couple of days (unfortunately;;; next year studies won't be a problem anymore).
Please, understand me correctly. Everything is nearly ready, but i want to triple-check, that everything works as expected, before finally making an installer and releasing. Plus, i still need to do video tutorials, and a fresh head is required for that.


April 8, 2013

Hey, guys!

So, i promised to set an approximate public release date. :)
Since there was an awful glitch persisting from Beta to Beta, which corrupted Bank Of Names under several circumstances (thanks to JaoSming for spotting the glitch), it took several (rather many) extra hours to properly fix it. That's why we're delaying a bit.

Anyway, the Tutorials are nearly done (thanks to M@dDog for putting the General Tutorials together and hokupguy for finding XBox 360 disc contents) and the Ordering system is nearly finished.
The untouched points are the tool's icon :) , installer, about box, website and self-made video tutorials (Jao might be a God of Editing, but that is me, who knows every tool's feature and wants to share the info with you ;) ).
I'll do my best to finish everything asap, but the most probable release date is this weekend (not set in stone, though, so it might happen a couple of days later).

About purchasing. This year the total prices will be slightly higher, than previous year, but since you won't need to purchase the whole Developer's license in case you only wish to change jersey colors, i think, this is reasonable.
I mean, this year you can select only those tabs for purchasing, which you will really use (each tab is ~$1-3). But if you wish to edit every aspect of the game and purchase the Guru - the price is still affordable. :)
Please, also note, that RED Modding Center is a completely new tool from REDitor II, so old Interfaces licenses will not work in the new program. Also, MyFriend Panel is now not a Global license, but is activated separately for each separate game type (PC and XBox versions of the same game are the same game type).
If you have purchased an NBA 2K12 license earlier, you will get a somewhat discount. Purchasing PC and XBox 360 Tables together will also provide you with a discount. Not sure about Interfaces discounts yet.
(anyway, exact prices and discounts are not set in stone yet, so i don't publish them)
Transaction options are still the same: PayPal (you can use you relative's or friend's account to make a payment, if you don't have your own), Western Union & MoneyGram (much higher fees, than PayPal, so PayPal is recommended), Yandex.Money & WebMoney (only available for Russia and several other former-USSR countries).

Will keep you updated, guys, with more news about the upcoming release.

Best wishes,

April 1, 2013

Wow! The previous message was published in mid-Feb...

Sorry for not keeping you updated. My last college year is really that busy, and i've been prefering to spend all the computer-dedicated free time working on the Editor.

But there is definitely good news for all of us.
Well, let's start:
  1. The new project's name is RED MC. Here is how it goes ))) : RED MC <- RED Modding Center <- REDitor <- Roster Editor. Why RED Modding Center? Because i have big plans for the project, which will be brought to life, once i graduate from college. Basically, it will be an even more advanced roster editor + an incredible IFF-files editor. But that's for the future.
  2. The project is currently in the late Beta-stage. We have a stable version, so it's only left to make the purchasing & auto-update systems, finish the documentation and do all pre-release routines (make a web-site, an icon, an installer, etc.)
  3. I'll set and tell the approximate release date this week (the approximation will include a range of 2-4 days).
Here is a screenshot of what you will get, guys ;) :

The other hand news:
Clone & Delete won't be possible in the initial release, along with Roster Exchanger. These and several other advanced editing features will be added to the second release.


You can watch JaoSming working with one of the early Betas live here (click).
He will probably make another session with the latest Beta some time soon. Maybe i will join him as well. So, if you have any Qs, you'll be able to ask him (or maybe even me directly) during the next session.


PS: Three more of my favourite Ukrainian & USSR(Russian) rock songs (listen to, making breaks between the songs, to get the best enjoyment ;) ):