January 16, 2013

Hello, NBA fans!

I haven't updated the Blog for quite a while due to some "real-life business". Nevertheless, i have finished decoding all those hundreds of parameters, you will be able to edit soon. ;)
Now getting to the actual editor-building.

The list of the new decoded parameters follows:

Playbooks tab:

Player Stats tab:

Team Stats tab:

Name Datas tab:

Jerseys tab (thanks to JaoSming for his assistance):

Headshapes tab:

Rotations (Special Teams data) tab:

Game Records tab:

Awards tab:

Hall Of Fame tab:

Some side notes:

1) There are 2 Playbooks tabs this year. The purpose of the second one hasn't been defined yet. It is supposedly used for on-line gaming.

2) YearReplacer of Player Stats tab is the field, we lacked last year to make historical players have their real, not modern, years in stats. So, this is another issue, which will be possible to handle this year.

3) There were several other tabs found, which are not mentioned above. Their purpose is unknown; or it was detected, that they are deprecated. Means, they won't be editable via the Editor, though will be handled on inner levels for compatibility. There is a possibility though, some of them are used in MyCareer mode. If it is true, the tabs will become editable.

As i'm starting to make the actual Editor, i'd like to tell a couple of words about its future GUI. The goal is to implement all the functions, REDitor II has, plus add several improvements to MyFriend Interfaces. A more convinient filtering system and some Help system are also things to be introduced.

The inner side of the Editor will be completely different, however. I have big plans for the project, so it should be as flexible for improvements as possible. New features, compared to REDitor II, will be coming along after the initial release.

If you have some suggestions about the potential editable fields or about possible GUI improvements, please, post them in the RED Editor 2K13 Official Development Thread (click)


And a couple of songs, you might like. :) They are not gangsta rap at all, but nice Ukrainian romantic songs. :)


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